4 Reasons Why Owning A Domain Name Is A Good Idea

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Do you have a domain name? If not, it’s a high time to go for one.
The 21st century is popularly known as the digital era. Like the desire of owning land made European citizen colonize Africa, America, and Asia in the 18th and 19th centuries, having a voice in this era requires you to have a website. Whether you are selling popcorns, offering freelance services, a video or photographer, or an online tutor, a website is a basic tool you require to succeed.
However, while this is the trend, there are still people who view the idea as a time-wasting affair and just a source of additional costs. If you are one of them, here are the reasons why owning a domain name is a good idea :

Opportunity to create an online portfolio

Imagine, you are a videographer or even a content writer. Your main objective is to attract customers to your business. Unlike the olden days, people do not go looking for professionals in offices or shopping centers. Instead, they turn to the search engines. Without a website, you miss out such opportunities as the customers reach you. A domain name offers you an opportunity to create an online portfolio to showcase your work.
Using it, the customers can see what you have in store and decide whether it meets their quality and interest. Also, the website offers you an opportunity to showcase your profession. Through it, you can feature articles and blog posts that help your target customers.

An easy way of branding your business

Standing out as a brand is essential to your business success. As you may know, branding is an expensive affair particularly when you are a new entrant or a small business – you need lots of cash. Nevertheless, the modern branding takes place in the virtual arena. Regardless of your business size or amount of cash you own, a good online branding can take you to places or while the opposite can crash your business. For this reason, owning a domain name enables you to brand your business easily. All you need is a well-designed website that attracts visitors and a good SEO strategy. Then you leave your page for Google to do what it does best with such sites – awarding you a better top position in the search results.





Establishing yourself in your niche

Personalization is the new trend in business. Customers are seeking professionals who will offer them personalized services. As one of the professionals, owning a domain name sets you apart from the crowd. The domain is like a virtual office where individuals can reach out to you when in need of particular services. For instance, if you provide web designing services, a customer would like to know the kind of services they will receive plus other relevant information before engaging you in their project.
Issuing this information through emails or social media chats can be a hard task. Instead, you can direct the prospects to your website to garner any information they may require. By this, they view you as an expert in your niche and decide to assign you their project.





Freedom of choice

A domain name is part of your properties. So, you have the control over it. Like how you decide which passenger to allow in your vehicle and who to avoid, your domain name gives the freedom to limit the category of people to allow in it. Also, you have control over whose email to receive in your website inbox as well as the content to upload and rank. As such, the domain name is essential when freedom is your priority.