While some people are still coy about cloud hosting, the truth is that it’s just as secure as other web hosting services. It has received negative reception because of the fear of the security of virtualized systems some years back. The innovation of cloud technology made people even more skeptical, as business owners could not get the idea of having their servers hosted in the middle of nowhere.

However, with increased awareness, cloud hosting has become widespread and new and established businesses are moving their hardware to cloud servers.

Security challenges of cloud hosting

There are some reasons why people are still skeptical about hosting their websites in the cloud. Let’s look at them:

Cloud hosting company controls your data

Cloud hosting means your systems will be hosted on a cloud server in a remote data center. This means you will not be in control of your data; the cloud hosting provider will. The prospect of surrendering your data to a third party can be scary. But the cloud hosting companies know this, that’s why they have systems in place to ensure transparency and security of your data. Essentially, they take responsibility for the management and security of your data to allow you to focus on other things that matter the most for your business.

The issue of multi-tenant cloud hosting

Multi-tenant cloud hosting is one of the biggest security challenges that keep some website owners from moving to cloud hosting. Multi-tenant cloud hosting means different virtual machines are hosted on a single dedicated cloud server. These website owners fear that in case one website is insecure, it could affect all the sites on the single dedicated server. But cloud hosting providers have managed to address this concern by putting numerous enhanced security protocols in place, including VM isolation. This technology isolates your network from other networks on the single dedicated server. This technology guarantees the security of your data, and only you and the person responsible for it can access it.

Security vulnerabilities of cloud hosting

No security system is 100% proof. Vulnerabilities will be there. The most important thing is to know that and firewall them. Some of the vulnerabilities that threaten the cloud hosting environment include data breaches, DDoS attacks, data loss, and malware.


While some people are still skeptical about cloud hosting security, if you dig deeper to find out the security checks cloud hosting companies have put in place, you won’t have to worry. Say goodbye to downtimes by moving to cloud hosting.

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